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Astrid Hofferson

I adored the first film when it came out and now love the second as well! Astrid is cool beans. I can’t seem to get her quite right but I hope she’ll do for now :)

All CC is listed below; if you want all of it then install her sims3pack, otherwise pick and choose with the .sim file.

Genetics + Makeup


*I have used patterns from Simlicious’ Knitted Pattern Set (not included)

I use MasterController to disable clothing filters. The everyday outfit uses a nude top which can be accessed via MC or the unlockoutfits cheat.

Sliders: I have included the sliders used for ease and to ensure she looks as shown. All credit goes to creators. <3

Download .sim

Download sims3pack

Download sliders

Any questions or issues, please let me know! 

Omg thank you to use my cc for your fantastic sim ♥♥♥

lovely-pinkie ha chiesto:

thank you so much for the hair !!! can you make some textures for rainbow gate prada, Newsea Black Bullet, Alesso Candle, Skysims Hair Adult 227, Skysims 27, Skysims027, Nightcrawler_AF_Hair23, Nightcrawler #23 - BEO Edit, please thank you

Hi!!! some of these hair I have on the list to do! Just provider and I have a moment of time! The Gate Prada and Alesso Candle I seemed to have them already made …  I try to check ♥♥♥

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