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Anonimo ha chiesto:

When are you going to retexture some more sims 3 hairs. I really like the way they look. Thank you

I think to make it at least a couple this week…I’m a bit lost with the sims 4 XD I’m glad you enjoy my retextures ^w^


I decided to share Kylie Lewis in the gallery … I hope you like it ♥

For Download looking for Taty86

cc list:

Skin by me

Eyes Default by me (Non Default are here)

Everyday Clothing & Makeup:

Eyeliner EA

Eyeshadow by me

Lips by me

Earrings by Missfortunesims

Dress Recolor by me

Formal Clothing & Makeup:

Eyeliner by me

Eyeshadow by LeahLillith

Lips by me

Earrings by Missfortunesims

Dress by Missfortunesims

Party Clothes & Makeup:

Eyeliner EA

Eyeshadow by me

Lips by me

Earrings EA

Dress EA

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